Carbon Tornado monofin

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General Features

This is the carbon version of the latest finswimming monofin from WaterWay.Tornado monofin is by far the best monofin for sprint distances. This custom made – hand crafted monofin introduces an all new revolutionary hard floating rubber fin platform designed specifically for finswimming sprints. Designed for maximum efficiency – this is the next generation monofin for finwsimming from WaterWay. Pavel Kabanov tested new fin 2 days before the race and won 3 Gold Medals.The new Tornado monofin platform has been tested by world class finswimming champions including Lilla Székely (won EU record), Christoph Oefner (Bronze Medal @ Kazan 2013), Patricia Vogel (Bronze Medal @ Kazan 2013) and others. The monofin’s blade is made of 100% high high quality dense carbon fiber mesh material for unmatched resilience and responsivnes.

The Blade

WaterWay Fins has employed high temperature and high degree pressing technology in order to making high quality and durable carbon blade with no defects. The team of qualified engineers have been working and testing blades production until they found the ideal formula that provides higher carbon quality. Blade shaped to give the maximum amount of thrust with the smallest amount of energy consumption.


Tornado footpockets are something WaterWayFins can be proud of. Working closely with top athletes from all over the world the company has provided with a unique combination of efficiency and comfort and design.This optimal and advanced formula makes the fin the ideal choice for sprint distances. Inside the Tornado’s footpockets there are resins and components from Russia, India, and Turkey.

WaterWay’s wings with certain width, length and height are designed to make the fin lighter in the water. They also allow higher stability and better handling in the water.

Preferred Colour

Please, note that as some colored rubber was coming from Russia, we might not be able to supply the fin(s) with your chosen colour. In this case we will try to match the colours as close as possible to your choice. Any reclamations due to different colour supplied is not accepted. This note is also added to our Terms and Conditions section.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions N/A

EU 35/ US 4 /230m, EU 36/US 4.5 /235mm, EU 37/US 5/240mm, EU 38/US 6 /245mm, EU 39/US 7/250mm, EU 40/US 7.5/255mm, EU 41/US 8 / 260mm, EU 42/US 8.5 /265mm, EU 43/US 9/270mm, EU 44/US 10/275mm, EU 45/US 11/280mm, EU 46/US 12 /285mm, EU 47/US 14/290mm

Foot width in MM

80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 105mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm

Blade Stiffness

3 Medium, 4 Medium-Hard, 5 Hard, 6 Extra hard, 7 Super Hard

Blade width in cm

68cm, 70cm, 72cm, 74cm


50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m

Preferred Footpockets color

Black, Blue, Red, Green, White, Beige, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Violet, Pink

Preferred Wings color

Blue, Red, White, Beige, Black, Green, Orange





C.M.A.S. Homologated Sticker

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Carbon Tornado monofin

 580.00 600.00

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