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This section is aimed to be informational. This is the place where you can find information about swim clinics, freediving courses, finswimming clinics. Coaches and Instructors who are wishing to have their contact information to be shared on this page, please contact us directly.

1.  Coach Borut Jan

physical location-Slovenia.
online coaching is possible

Accomplishments and credibility

Master’s level degree in sports from University in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Specialization – swimming, finswimming & freediving
Awarded academic title Professor of Physical Education, 2006

2017 – Present
Head Coach at Delfin Swimming Club in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015 – Present
Head Coach, Croatian & Serbian Finswimming National Teams

2012 – Present
Associated Coach Freediving for World Champions Alenka Artnik and Samo Jeranko

Head Coach, Swiss National Team Finswimming

Coached Flori Lang towards 2x world record 50m Bifins

Swimming Training Clinic at Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA
Worked with Pablo Morales, Misty Hyman, Chris Morgan

1986 – 2005 
Professional finswimmer, National Team member
National record holder and multiple Slovenian champion
Worked with Peter Mankoc (9x World Champion 100m medley)

Languages that Borut can coach in:
Fluent in English, Slovenian, Serbian, and Croatian
Can also manage coaching in German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, and Russian

What Borut has to offer?

  • Full time swimming/finswimming coaching (willing to travel and relocate)
  • Customized workout program for swimmers, finswimmers, freedivers, and triathletes (web-based and/or face-to-face)
  • Freediving seminars whit focus on the efficient breathing technique and proper dolphin kicking
  • UW rugby/hockey swim technique seminars and clinics (concentration on surface freestyle swimming and efficient underwater dolphin kick)

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FB: Borut Jan


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