Murena Fins



With the aid of decades of expertise and consideration of the human body’s structure, the shape, size, flexibility, and substance of the Murena rubber fin have been created. The goal is to have the frontcrawl, dolphin kick, and arm motions of the various strokes in perfect biomechanical harmony. With the best flexibility rubber, which adjusts to the ankle’s bending as well as the frequency and amplitude of kicks while swimming, this goal has been entirely met. For the Murena fins, the rubber moulding experts at the manufacturing business devised the ideal composition. It offers uncompromised durability and optimum performance.

CMAS Homologated fins

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Weight 1.3 kg

2/ EU 37-39/ US 5-7, 3/EU 40-42/ US 7-9, 4/ EU 43-45/ US 10-12



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